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Phoneline Limbo

Tuning in

My phoneline was disconnected from my old service provider today, the day that the Virgin engineers were arriving to complete the cabling to my home, due to a damaged CATV cable from the street.

Sadly, I have no landline connection with Virgin, nobody can call in and nobody can call out.

Coincidently my mobile has been "transferring" to a new network today too, and that hasn't resolved either, so now I'm in the curious position of not being able to phone Virgin to get support, or phone my mobile provider to sort out my mobile connectivity. Chicken and Egg.

Sadly the advice on the terrible Virgin help portal ( is to "Just dial 1765 from your Virgin Phone." πŸ˜ Alternatively, the help portal tells users to go to the phone user help guide which not only will be useless to my scenario, it is a broken link:

Is there somebody from Virgin who can resolve this Landline issue for me without needing to speak to me?

I'm also concerned that I'm due to get a hefty first months bill despite the fact I've only had half of a service (limited internet [less than half the speed due to a patched cable] and no use of landline) in the past couple of weeks.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi markstyle, 

Many thanks for your post and a big welcome to the forums. It's great having you on board with us in the Community. 

We're sorry to hear you've been having an issue with your services. Checking this end, I can see there was a damaged cable which we needed to replace. It looks as though this has been completed now though so you should be able to get a connection. 

In terms of the telephone service, there are a few questions I need you to answer:

  • Have you got your landline plugged in to the back of your hub or have you got it connected to a wall socket? If the latter, you should be connected to the hub so can you ensure the adapter is plugged in correctly and reboot the hub?
  • Do you have an alternative handset you can try in the Hub to see if this works?
  • When lifting the handset to call a number, do you get any tone at all?
  • When receiving calls, does your landline itself ring?
  • If you can come back and let me know the answers to the above, we can go from there. 

For your mobile, porting your number can take 24 hours but how are things looking with that today? Has service resumed?

In terms of compensation, we only compensate for a total loss of service and the account is automatically assessed once the fault has closed. If you are eligible, you'd see a credit on your next bill that's generated after the fault is closed. 

Keep us posted. 


Kath_F ✨
Forum Team

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Hi Kath_f

I have the phone plugged into the router it is a wireless handset so wont make a tone when picked up. It also has a message on it saying "check phone line" as it isn't getting a signal from the line.

I am told that there is no tone when called, and the handset doesn't ring this side. The line is dead. Can you clarify if the number has fully transfered from my previous provider? Can you possibly try to call my landlines to see if it works for you? I don't have another handset to try but it was definitely working without issue before transferring to virgin.

I have tried reseting cables and free starting router but it didn't make a difference.

As for my mobile I have started getting data,  but no call network, my provider says it can take upto 48 hours for this to complete.



Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @markstyle,

Thank you for coming back to us about your ongoing landline connection and dial tone issue. I'll be more than happy to investigate this further for you and double check if your landline number was transferred correctly.

I have sent you a Private Message to confirm a few details. Please keep an eye out for a purple envelope at the top right corner of your Forum page. I'll be in touch soon.

Thank you.

Forum Team

New around here? Check out the do's and don'ts, in our Community FAQs

Hi Paulina, I've responded but not heard anything back from you since Wednesday evening, can you please let me know when the landline number will port from my previous provider to Virgin?

Many thanks,



Just to update everybody who has looked at this thread, the porting of my old number hadn't gone through at the time and there were added complications after my contract with my previous provider had come to an end as the number hadn't began porting to Virgin in advance of the number deactivating with the old provider. Thankfully Virgin were able to retrospectively request the number to port from BT to Virgin, however it did take a coupe of weeks to resolve the matter, which in previous scenarios was seamless, whenever I've moved provider over the years.