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Phone working but not ringing

Panasonic phones, new, volume turned up, ring sound not turned off. Panasonic say it needs 5 volt power and Virginia can supply this remotely, but getting Virginia to understand this is a real problem.

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Re: Phone working but not ringing

Some further information from you will help with your query on the forum.

Do you receive your landline service via the VM hub or a regular telephone wall socket?

Have you tried a different phone to see if that rings on your connection?

Has the phone rung OK in the past and now just stopped or is the a new telephone connection which you have not yet used?

Have you tried the online diagnostic tests via 'My Virgin Media'? Have you checked the current service status?

Not sure what the '5 Volt' information from Panasonic refers to. Cordless phones require their own batteries and power supply for the base station, some corded phones do use batteries or an external power supply.

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