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Phone switchover to VoIP requirements


Are Virgin working their way through the country if so when is the Bournemouth/Poole area approx due to be done?

Is fibre all the way into the home required before it can happen? I don't believe that the area hasn't gone over yet to fibre all the way into the home.

Both my parents and myself have hub 3s which I believe are copper to the box in the street. For me my main phone socket is in the same room as the hub but for my parents it's at opposite ends of their house, will they likely need an engineer visit to do something (probably run a cable between the two)?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi SpacePhoenix,


Thanks for posting 🙂


You can find more information regarding the switchover here 


If the hub is in a different spot and needs moving an engineer will be able to do this.