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Phone switching to fibre

Joining in

My incoming Virgin cable splits in two,  one to my hub and PC upstairs where there is also a phone so no problem fitting the adapter there.

The other goes to a junction box downstairs, next to the old disused BT box, and then to another phone. As I am deaf, also connected there is a wireless transmitter to four Friedland relay units around the house which ring when the phone or door bell rings. So far as I can tell, signals to that phone and transmitter do not come via the hub, so will they still work ?

If I could find an appropriate Virgin email address, I could send a wiring diagram, but no such luck


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @gjn557,

Welcome to our community forums and thank you for getting back in contact with us regarding the landline switchover. 

 21cv is going to use your fiber ISP as an IP telephone system as most internet service providers are going to get rid of the copper infrastructure soon

This would mean after the switchover, the old connection may not work.

Is there a way to fit the transmitter to the phone connected to the hub? Please get in touch with us so we can do our best to help with this.


Forum Team

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