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Phone socket wiring

  • Hello, I’ve got an old diamond cable phone socket box which connects my phone line. I’m wanting to move the box as the old owners have painted over it and we want to renovate the room.

the cable that comes into the house has 3 wires connected. White and blue into A, Blue and white into B and orange and white connected into port 3 on the bottom connectors.

My understanding was that only A and B was needed, there is also an extension which is connected to the bottom plate which runs upstairs. Port 3 is shared between the extension and the orange and white cable.

is port 3 (orange and white needed)?



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Re: Phone socket wiring

Details of the cable colour codes and connections below

The Orange/White wire on pin 3 is the ringer wire which supplies the ringing signal from the master socket for older phones and some new ones. Modern phones should usually function with just the A and B wires but the ringer wire is often left in place by convention to account for all types of equipment that might be plugged into the socket.

You can connect your own extension sockets to the VM master socket only via the removable faceplate on the master telephone socket or with a plug-in kit. VM owns the master telephone socket and you should not remove/change the wiring to that. Refer to T&Cs below ref not modifying VM 'equipment'

If any of your own DIY home phone wiring causes a fault, then you may be liable to charges (refer to above)

VM can move/modify the master socket and extension for you at a cost

A technician visit is listed at £99 to do that.