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Phone not working after number port

Tuning in

Hi guys,

I recently got a full package, tv, broadband and phone, I wanted to bring my old phone number over and that was meant to happen yesterday but if I call my mobile from the virgin phone it's still the number virgin gave me and not the home phone number I wanted ported over. Weirdly if I ring the home phone number I wanted it still rings but not sure where it's ringing as it's definitely not in my house. The phone is plugged in to the virgin router. Anyone have any ideas please?

Thanks so much.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @sbc66123 thanks for your post, although I'm sorry to hear of your concerns raised here regarding the number port.

When you disconnected from your previous provider, did you inform them that you wanted to keep your landline number as this is the first step and arguably the most important?

It needs to be kept active by that particular provider in order for us to obtain this for you.

Many thanks


Hi Tom,

I didn't inform them I was leaving so the number was kept active, I read on here to let virgin deal with the takeover and not tell the other company (talktalk) i was leaving in case they disconnected me early and we lost the number. Thanks.

Hi @sbc66123 thanks for your reply.

Okay so unfortunately, if you haven't contacted TalkTalk and asked them to keep your number then this will be the reason for this.

Do you have the link of where you were told this here?

I'd advise please contacting TalkTalk ASAP to see if they can retrieve your number for you, once this has happened we can then try to obtain it back from them.

Many thanks



I was told in a message on here I didn't need to contact talktalk and that virgin handle all that stuff when bringing a phone number over.

Also read it on here quite often like :

"We advise that where a customer wants to port, they should always contact the new Provider and we will initiate the port request and cancel the telephone line on your behalf."

Hi @sbc66123 thanks for your clarification.

Okay so apologies, I think this has been lost in technical translation so to speak!

What Ashleigh meant here from her post in March, is that yes the first point of contact would have been for you to contact your new provider (so us, Virgin Media) and tell us you wanted to set up services, including obtaining your old landline number back.

However once this had been discussed, you then needed to speak to TalkTalk to 1. Inform them of your disconnection and 2. In that same conversation, tell them that Virgin Media were wanting to take over your landline number.

If that hasn't happened then it will explain why this hasn't ported for you I'm afraid. 

It might not be too late though so please call TalkTalk and they will do their best to retreive the number for you.

Many thanks


Hiya, I massively appreciate the replies but this is definitely different to what I've been told before so now I'm totally confused.

"Do not cancel anything except TV from TalkTalk. The entire porting process including the cancellation of your TalkTalk account will be handled by VM as part of the process. Any cancellation notice by you could block the port from going through."

Also the private message I received from the lovely Megan a week ago made no mention of me contacting talktalk, in fact she said it was wrong too. She then arranged it all on my behalf for the 6th Oct and said to message again if it hadn't gone through ok.

"I can see that the agent you spoke to has added their notes onto your account stating you would like your number to be ported in to us, however they have also stated they told you to ask TalkTalk to start the process. As we've already stated on your public post, this isn't the right process as we're the ones that need to request the number first whilst the TalkTalk account is still open."

"Also, I have now raised your number port for 6th October 2022, if there are any further issues the number port team will be in touch to advise, if there are no issues your transfer will go ahead between 8 and 8 on that date, we cannot advise of an exact time as the system does the required changes."


Hi @sbc66123 thanks for your reply here.

As you've mentioned you're in a PM with Meghan, please allow her to respond to you directly regarding your further concerns - she'll be able to address all of these issues for you.

Many thanks