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Phone line problems

Joining in

Do expect a better service from Virgin.  Phone line down after a very short power blip early on Saturday.  Incoming calls show continually engaged, no dialling tone therefore cannot dial out.  I am told that I need an engineer but the next available slot is Wednesday evening.  I have tried all the suggested remedies with no success.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @sunshine22

Welcome to the community 

Really sorry to hear that you're having issues with your landline after a little power outage yesterday. I can assure you, the agent would've booked you the earliest available appointment for you, my apologies that there was no earlier time slots. You can manage your appointments online via your online account or via the app if you need to. 

How many pieces of equipment are connected to the phone line?

There are a few troubleshooting checks you can  perform to see if they are successful in resolving the issue. Can you: 

  • Check the phone is seated in the base unit correctly & powered ON.
  • Remove all other equipment connected to telephone sockets.
  • Unplug the phone and check another phone directly into the main socket ensuring this is a VM socket and not one with a BT or Sky logo. If no alternative handset is available then ensure the original phone is plugged into the main socket with no other pieces of equipment being plugged in.

Let me know if any of these checks work at all, or if anything changes with the dial tone. If you have tried all the checks and there is still no dial tone, then a technician will be needed to assist in resolving. 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

Thank you for replying.  I just have Virgin Broadband and Telephone after recently removing Virgin TV from my package.  

There is one main phone connected to the telephone socket and two extensions in other rooms connected to the power sockets only.  All phones are out of action and are correctly seated and powered on.  The main phone is connected to a Virgin socket with no other equipment plugged in,  the extensions are plugged into the power only and have no telephone "thing" to plug into the main socket.

Broadband is working.

I cannot think that it is something to do with me changing my package and cancelling Virgin TV as I have received landline calls since up to yesterday morning.  

I just hope that nothing vital was removed when the TIVO Box was taken out but I do not understand the technicalities unfortunately, the wiring is a mystery to me.

There is just the TIVO Box, the TV remote and a AC/DC adapter which was plugged into the back of the TIVO Box to be returned to Virgin, I requested some packaging over a week ago but it has not yet arrived

Thank you for your help.  Probably just me being a fool.

Any equipment returns packaging is normally received 10 working days after a service/account has been disconnected. You can if you prefer order your own equipment return packaging if needed or print your own returns label here. 

Thank you for running these checks for me, if these have not worked for you then we'll need to see if the technician get look to resolve this for you. Please keep us updated with how you get on. 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent