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Phone landline

Calls such as 0151 or 01922696299 or 019455976 keep phoning land line all day and night pretending to be virgin media asking to look at my computer screen and upload software so they can get inside my computer and help me correct the 97 Virgin broadband faults I have with the Virgin broad band .

20-30 calls a day from scammers 

I have phoned Virgin several times . On the phone for two hours today . They said I can’t block them from my land line and there is nothing they can do with these scam calls 

How come technology has not moved on ? Twenty years ago with BT land lines I could block a caller;  why not now in 2020??

The Virgin media guy said they just can’t help anymore with that . If I’d like to pay another £136 pounds extra a year they might be able to help ??? Say what ??? 
Any ideas apart from obvious cancel virgin media 

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Re: Phone landline

These kind of calls are a common problem and frequently mentioned on the forums.

Have a look at this topic for an explanation of the issue and some suggestions you might be able to try with your own phone setup