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Phone faulty since December .

My neighbour had a issue with the cable feeding their house.They went to renew it but in doing so cut through my cable .As the cable route in the street was full on tree roots they were unable to replace either of the cables as they would need a permit from the council to dig up the pavement.They said it would take 2 weeks to get the permit which was back in December.They did do a temp fix on my cable to get the TV+BB working but no phone and they had to piggy back off my cable to get the neighbours BB working.

I called the faults department  today to ask about the issue but she was clearly not listening as she asking me to  try another phone on the line etc.I now have a another telephone engineer coming out which i know is a waste of time as the whole cable needs replacing but i couldn't see another option.

I asked for the refund of the line rental for the past 3 months but as i hadn't complained before as my neighbour was dealing with it they couldn't do it .I asked them to look at my Neighbours account  to see the issue but they wouldn't do that either .After a lot of being passed around I think i may have got the refund ???

My main issue is how to get the cable replaced as its been months now and its starting to affect my TV just recently

Thanks Nick 



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Re: Phone faulty since December .

Hi nyck,


I am sorry to hear about the issues you've been experiencing. Has your neighbour dealt with everything in regards to getting the cable replaced? If so and there is a pending job on their account for this replacement then they would need to get in touch to discuss any updates. Our agents wouldn't be able to check another account or confirm details from it with you unless you are able to clear security on the account as this would be a breach of our data protection regulation.

Has the telephone engineer visited your property since posting?




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