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Phone downstairs, Hub upstairs [solution]

Joining in

I have just done a search on what to do if you have hub and phone in different locations and do not want to move either. (upstairs / downstairs)

The resolution looking at it is either a extension phone cable or call out and engineer to move the hub / phone to same location at a cost. In my case if the hub is moved then wifi would be severely reduced. Moving the phone is not practical.

Virgin have implemented this change and expect the customer to foot the bill of any changes. (Engineer £25)

Why does the customer have to pay?

Does this now mean that the phone line rental disappears due to it not being a separate line anymore?

Is there any other solution nearly a year on from the start of this change?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @nstevens


Thank you for your post and welcome to our community.


If you don't want to move the equipment, we can arrange a technician visit to install extensions for you. 


We can ensure you are not charged for the visit. 


With regards to your question around the line rental, we appreciate we are providing the phone line by a different method however we are still providing the phone line and the number you were using when you were connected via the wall socket.


Therefore, the charges for the line would still stand. 


To clarify, your phone line would be converted to a digital method in line with the government objective, however, does still exist and so the charge remains. 


Please pop back to us should you need any further support with the switchover, 



Vikki - Forum Team

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