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Phone calls

Joining in

Hi had virgin installed on 27/02/23 changed my landline from BT to Virgin keeping my bt number since then I have had nothing but trouble with the phone line.  I can get phone calls from people in my phone directory.  When people call who are not in the directory the phone does not ring they get a message asking them to leave a message.  When I check the phone I can see someone has tried to phone me.  Plus when I try ringing people from my landline to their mobile it shows there number as engaged when I try a second time it then rings the person states that they have not been on the phone why I first tried.  I s this a problem with virgin phone line as this never happened with BT.  Please advise what needs to be done to get this sorted.  As I know I am missing calls.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Kathy23blink thanks for coming back to us.

I am sorry, the issue you're experiencing is known to us and you could read more about it, here. I would recommend the advice my colleague gave you in your previous thread.