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Phone adapter location

Tuning in

Re up coming change from copper wires to voip, I’m concerned about my existing phone home wiring. The existing soon to be obsolete Virgin phone wire comes into the front of the house, next to the old BT master socket, ansi conneds easily to my existing multi phone house wiring. 
The VM coax cable comes into the house at the rear from the garden. The router is just inside the rear wall - nowhere near the phone master socket. 
So, when the Virgin techie comes with the voip adapter will he connect it to my house phone wiring? Running a phone cable from the current router location to the current master socket location is not on without major work and redecoration!

Anyone else had this problem?


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HI no1tivofan, when the switchover happens you will need a rewire and an engineer will do this for you. ^Chris

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Forum Team

Hi no1tivofan,


Thanks for posting 🙂


Once the switch happens you will need to plug the handset into the back of the hub. 


You can read more information on the switchover here



I don't want to plug in one handset to the adapter.  I want to be able to use my 4 existing wireless phones with my existing house wiring.

Hello again, No1tivofan.

Sorry to hear you do not wish to migrate to the VOIP landline service.

Please, be advised this change is made due to the fact that we are removing the copper lines and replace them with fibre optics so all landlines in the area will be working via broadband instead. This is a change that will gradually be for the whole of the UK, eventually.

In case you do not wish to complete this migration process you may as well not, however the copper line will be deactivated and the service will no longer be working for you after this change.

Let us know how you wish to proceed with this, so we can see how we can help you from here.

Forum Team

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You've not understood my query. Please re-read the OP.
To re-iterate:
I want to use my existing house phone wiring with 4 x wireless phone stations. The house wiring starts with a male plug plugged into the old Virgin master socket.(at the front of the house)

The house wiring ends with a spate phone socket near at the other side of the house (near the Virgin router) I therefore require some sort of connection from the router to a male phone socket. Whether this can be straight wiring or through some adapter electronics, I do not know enough about telephone systems to say. Hence my enquiry here.

So far, I'm very disappointed with the level of technical support here. Please surprise me someone...

HI no1tivofan, when the switchover happens you will need a rewire and an engineer will do this for you. ^Chris

AFAICS, what is needed is a router to male phone plug instead of the router to female socket adapter currently being supplied by Virgin.

Would a male to male phone lead work or would that reverse the wiring order? Any phone techies out there?

Hi no1tivofan, 

Unfortunately, we would not be able to support any 3rd party equipment or set ups and would only be able to install the system in the way we have advised. There might be some other community members or our VIP's that can advise further. Please let us know when you are ready to book your engineer to complete your homophone switchover.  

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

I have an engineer booked already.

Great to hear no1tivofan. Thanks for letting me know. Please let us know if you are have any further questions or issues at all. We'll be here to help on the community forums if needed :). 

Here to help 🙂
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