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Phone Switch Over - Phone to far from Hub

Joining in

Good Evening,

We are due to have our phone switched over to Digital on the 5th December. Any posts relating to this ive seen have involved direct messages so i cant really jump on those threads. Our Hub is in the living room connected right behind our TV. However, the phone line comes into the hallway and connects to the phone in there, with its satelite base in the living room also. It then also runs through our loft to our kitchen for a second phone.

We are not in a position to run ethernet all over the house for the phones like that. How has everyone proceeded with this as from the 5th we wont have a home phone as none are close enough to connect and we dont want to have a phone sat next to the TV as its a very inconvinent place.


Any help is much appreciated


Alessandro Volta

To keep your existing setup, VM needs to make a link between the telephone socket on the back of the VM hub and 'tap in' to some point on your existing internal home phone wiring.

Methods to do this might involve any necessary new phone wires following existing cable routes or possibly external cable routes. That would be down to how exactly your existing setup is laid out and a discussion of the best way to proceed with the VM tech who turns up to do the work.

VM should offer to do this free of charge for you as part of the switchover process.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi TheBabyToeGiant,

Thanks for posting and welcome to our community 🙂

This is something we can help with, I'll just need to get a few details from you first. I've popped you over a private message (purple envelope, top right hand corner)