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Phone Call Charge

When I received March bills, I noticed call charges for which I had not used.

I called the customer service, the agent asked me to check the number which were made from our phone line on the itemised bill. At that time, I didn't used itemised bill. She said it was free of charge to send. She sent me one that I received it a few days later after talking to her. 

When I got it, there were no numbers to check and I got charged £2 for the itemised bill. 

I called to Virgin Media a few times and I left 'message us' pannel but no one yet solved this issue.

I had to changed the contact with Virgin Media last month and I received a free itemised bill this month. There are another call charges that I never made the calls. So I called the numbers on the bill from my mobile phone . One number [Removed] is not in use, [Removed] automatically redirect to another number and said this call charge 2.50 euro per minutes and 01214312431 said "this number  is not be provision"(I'm not sure what that means) .  


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Do you know which department in Virgin Media will solve this issue?

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