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Pathetic fault reporting on Virgin Media.

On our wavelength

Our landline went down last night after a short duration power cut. The phone is dead with no dialing tone. Calling the landline via our mobiles results in continuous ringing sound but not so much as a ting at our home. I spent hours going round in circles on the VM Website trying to find a way to report the fault. I ended up dialing 03454541111 from my mobile initiate a test then find the line cuts off by another robot. By the way, they say to ring back in ten minutes to get the test result by calling 03454541111 again followed by your home number. This didn't work. I'm now thinking of getting two tin cans and a bit of string!

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello RayWoods


Sorry to hear of the landline issues experienced following the recent power outage, we appreciate you raising this via the forums.


Can you confirm if the landline is connected via the Hub or a wall socket? If it is the Hub, have you made sure the connection is secure in the back and rebooted the Hub since the power returned?


If it is a wall socket, is the issue on all possible sockets? Do you have another handset you can try to see if this helps resolve the issue?



On our wavelength

The fault, which effected the whole neighbourhood, was corrected later the same day without an Engineer attending our homes, however that isn't the reason for the complaint. The complaint was about the awful fault reporting system employed by Virgin Media. Although the fault was within their equipment, not with me and my neighbours, the automatic test system failed to locate it. In fact the Virgin Media system kicks you out at that point without being able to speak to anyone! I always thought Virgin Media was in the Communications Business; perhaps not.

Linux Mint User

Hi @RayWoods thanks for your reply here.

Really sorry that you had difficulties reporting the fault, I appreciate this led to the bulk of your frustrations.

Please be assured we have fed this back for future - hopefully you won't be affeced by this again but in case you are, customers need to be able to report this properly.

Many thanks