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Parent's landline down AGAIN with serious risk of harm

Tuning in

The landline of my parents is down yet again and as this is connected to their medical help buttons this poses a serious risk of harm to them. An engineer came out in July which was stated at the time as required as there was a switch to the hub. The bub was installed and after a very painful two weeks the landline was back running. 

The landline is back out of action and I am told an adaptor will be sent out which will take up to 5 days. What they are supposed to do with it after 5 days remains to be seen as neither have the ability to do any technical adjustments. So my parents will yet again be at serious risk of harm because for that period they will be unable to press their medical buttons to call for help. Which is fairly frequently as Dad is very frail and prone to falls. I notified the help desk that should any harm come to the residents as a foreseeable risk of the landline being faulty and their buttons not working he agreed that they would accept the liability for this harm. I would suggest an engineer is sent out as the set up has not changed since July so any change over should already have taken place and therefore what ever the fault is now is not due to the hub change over. That has already been done. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Good Afternoon @Cinnamon009, thanks for your post on our Community Forums and welcome back!

Terribly sorry to hear of the issue with your parents landline services.

I'd be happy to check out this out for you, to see what we can do to resolve this in a timely manner.

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