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Over 2 months and fault still not fixed.

Parents have had no incoming ring since around mid march. We've had three engineers come out to fix the problem that is not at the house but at the local box. First one around 13th, temporarily fixed, second one 17 or 18th of April and third around 3 weeks ago. The last two both said that it was on-going fault that would be fixed soon. They are still without incoming calls all this time later. They just want to know when they can expect this fault to be fixed. Missed very important call the other day. Need to be able to phone them. They would be considered vulnerable people.

Below are the links to the last three times we have had contact regarding this issue on here. All times engineers were sent out fast (appreciated). But really don't need an engineer to the house again. Just to know if and when it will be fixed. This has been going on for just over two months.

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