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Old phone working alongside new fibre network after switchover?

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Yesterday was my switchover day.

Prior to that I ran a cordless set with the base unit plugged into phone socket on wall. Out of the back of the wall socket, an extension wire ran upstairs to an analogue phone.

Yesterday I unplugged cordless base unit from wall socket and moved it to a new location with it terminating into back of router via the supplied adaptor. All works well.

However, I have discovered that whilst the old analogue extension phone cannot receive calls, it can still make them. For completeness, the analogue extension still has a connection to Virgin via the wall socket which is fed from incoming Virgin cables.

I am confused, how can my phone line be fed in two ways simultaneously? 



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey jimgironde, thanks for your post on our help forum.

We're glad to hear your landline works well via the hub with the adaptor after the switch, as you advised this was completed less than 24 hours from this change it may be not fully done yet however we could confirm it will definitely be unusable in the future.

Please, kindly test this again tomorrow and let us know if you can still make calls - just in case.
Any other questions or concerns you may have, please ask and we're happy to help.

Forum Team

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Adri, thanks for your reply on Tuesday.

I can confirm the situation has not changed i.e., I can make outgoing calls on the old system as well as the new system. I havent got a problem with that but didnt think it was possible?


Hi @jimgironde thanks for your reply, that is very strange.

I've checked and there's no cause for concern here, the old telephone method should phase out soon.

Regardless, we are planning to switch this off by the end of 2022 so it will definitely be inactive then.

Is there any further help you require in the meantime? 

Many thanks