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Old landline number

How do I get my old landline number back

i have been told various stories by virgin since December non of which came true

plunet had my old number but virgin seem incapable of getting it ported

plusnet say it is disconnected my call not virgin

bt says talk to openreach my call again

virgin say they can’t port it until it is activated

openreach won’t deal with customers only providers

virgin won’t contact openreach even though I’ve given them the number

What else can I do I’m seriously thinking of going back to plusnet

virgin customer service is computer driven nonsense



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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Old landline number

Hello Cjdavies0504, 


Welcome to the forums and for your first post - I was sorry to understand that you're having some issues bringing your number over to us. 


In order to bring your number to us, your number must be and remain active with your previous supplier. You cannot have any disconnected requests on that number either or the port will fail. 


If your number is no longer active with your old provider, we would advise that you need to contact them so they can activate it. (It sounds like you bought the number to Plusnet from BT so if you have now disconnected your account with Plusnet, your number would be returned to donor - which sounds like it was BT)


We are unable to request any re-connection with your old provider I'm afraid and we can only request numbers that are fully active. 


I hope that explains things a bit better for you. 



Katie - Forum Team

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