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Official rant

why do vm treat me like a muppet.

Had a landline issue for days now, had help off vm community but heard nothing in the last 24hrs, tried calling them from moms phone, after over 1hr, lied to, bounced all over the place had enough.

Tried vm live chat again thats just as bad, 1 message saying FMS tier 2 team will call you, ( only got landline and they know that ) good luck phoning me, tried again today, told them again what is wrong, said he would check with technical, over 20 minutes later......nothing.

All i hear is we are sorry, we know how important this is, well here is the solution because obviously vm don't have a clue, send a engineer, fix the problem, vm have been told that this is a priority line.

Your more interested in when am i going to pay the bill, you have been told this, same time i always pay the bill.

Vm get your act together, treat customers right, don't leave them waiting, tell them your still there and trying, dont bounce then all round the place, and definitely DON'T LIE.

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