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Number port not requested

Hi all desperate for help here I brought a package from vm on 14th July asked for a number port now was told it will be done for the 23rd of July as my equipment will be posted to me by then. 27th of July and my number hasn’t been transferred I’ve called virgin 4 times today literally been on the phone for over 5 hours. So sales rep never requested the number port from sky and my subscription from sky will expire tomorrow 28th July contacted them for an extension as advised by vm they said it’s too late and number will be returned to bt as it’s originally theres I desperately need my old number. Have told vm they can refer back to the call recording to see I did ask for the number transfer even though there sales team didn’t request it at time of sale. Doesn’t seem like I’m getting anywhere with these. Anyone else had this issue and resolved it??? Help will be much appreciated 

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