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Nuisance calls

Today I've twice received a recorded nuisance call (from a number that has an incorrect dialling code) threatening to cut off my internet. Anyone else had this? Also I can't see anywhere on the website for reporting such calls …

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Re: Nuisance calls

Reporting each of the calls is a fairly time-consuming process and generally a bit pointless as the calls are typically automatic and from false/spoofed numbers. I believe the relevant authorities are:

Abandoned calls/Silent calls

Spam text message (SMS)/Recorded voice (automated call)/Sales call from a real person (live call)

Report a phishing attempt

Two recent discussions on the forum on the subject are listed below

which include information about call blocking and screening. Worth noting though that some later discussions, subsequent to the above, have highlighted variable success in getting the call blockers to actually work on VM phone lines, inc. 21CV connections from the back of the hub, especially with some call blocking cordless phones.