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None existent phone calls

Joining in
  • Hi all, my landline now goes via the wifi hub,  but since my landline has gone digital I am getting up to 20 new calls a day ( supposedly). And the times I get these can show 63.36 ( didn't know that was an actual time). My cordless phone never rings ( I have the volume turned  on) and the display shows no number on every supposed call. My next door neighbour has the same issue. Have already spoke to virgin media with no luck of sorting this out. Hope someone could help on this. Thank you 


If you have a Hub 5, reboot or power cycle the Hub 5 and it should pick up a fix solving his issue. 

Is there a changelog or some place that tells us exactly what are the issue(s) that have just been fixed?


The issue was VOIP Ghost Calls.  These have been blocked by a Hub 5 configuration change.

"Ghost calls" ?
Do you mean when someone calls you on a BT branded phone & the callerID doesn't show the incoming number on the display as it used to before the VOIP change?

Alessandro Volta

I don't think VM would ever put out that info (unless it appears only in the most vague and general terms). To do so would acknowledge the specific problem, which had dragged on for many months for lots of customers, existed and would potentially/possibly make complaints and compensation easier to claim for any who chose to do so.