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Tuning in

Is there anyway my mum can get calls from no numbers as the hospital can’t get in touch with her because it with holds there number. 



Do you need to disable blocking of withheld numbers on mother's telephone ?

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi PoggyD 👋🏼.

Thank you for posting, welcoming you back onto our community forum 😊

Sorry to see your mum is not able to get calls from numbers ☹.

As Client62 has mentioned is your mums phone blocking withheld numbers?

Is it all numbers or just certain numbers?

Have you tried using an additional handset?  

Ari - Forum Team

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Alessandro Volta

Either a feature on her phone is blocking withheld calls or she has VM's anonymous caller rejection (ACR) on the line.

Hi the hospital says it’s a no caller ID 

The number that try’s to ring will say no caller Id but my mums phone won’t accept it. She needs to be able to get the calls as it’s her consultant who needs to get in touch with her 

Thanks for coming back to us @PoggyD.

Can you possibly confirm what make and model her handset is?

We'd be intrigued to know if this is a feature made available to her on the handset, and to then see if we can help guide you through disabling it for her.