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No landline since 31/08/2023

On our wavelength

Reported this on 31/08/2023 last message on 7/09/23 said this would be fixed on 8/09/23 spoke to resolutions team on 24/09/23 they are arranging engineer to call Nothing yet Due compensation under Virgin rules heard nothing more still no working landline I am classed as vulnerable due to medical conditions and need a landline as a backup for emergencies HELP


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Peterkelly 👋🏼.


Thank you for posting, welcoming you back onto our community forum 😊.


Sorry to see your landline is still not working yet ☹.


I will need to have a look into this and further investigate, in order to do so I will have to private message you. 


Please watch out for the envelope ✉. 

Ari - Forum Team

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Alessandro Volta

VM should credit your account with the necessary compensation within 30 days of the service being restored

You should make sure you are keeping a detailed record of events (dates, times of all calls, messages, texts etc. along with any missed appointments and failed appointments where someone turns up but no work was carried out). Keep the record in a timeline format with links from the timeline to each piece of recorded evidence. This will make it easy for you in the future to put forward a case to arbitration for the correct compensation, should that be necessary.