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No landline phone service

Tuning in

Yesterday (26th Oct), and with no warning whatsoever, I lost all my VM services. My broadband and TV came back on after a few hours but I am still unable to use my landline phone: the line is completely ‘dead'. I then discovered that there had been ‘system upgrades’ in my area (Cambridge) so I strongly suspected that there must be a connection.

I spent an hour or so today clicking through the VM web site but could not find any online help or guidance at all so, in desperation, I used the web form for complaints. I have just received a reply but it is almost incomprehensible to me:
"From your complaint, we understand that you are unhappy as your telephone services are not up and running currently. Upon our investigation, we would like to confirm that currently there are no outages which could affect your telephone line. However, the telephone services are being migrated to DOCSIS Telco. Due to changes in service (unable to use phone on network/power outage). The telephone service has recently switched to 21CV DOCSIS as part of the home phone switchover activity. If you have received any adapters, then please plug in your adaptor correctly. If you need support with the connectivity and or to set up, please contact our customer cable team on the number mentioned below so that we can book a switchover technician who will be able to get this sorted for you at the earliest. You can also use our chat platform to connect with our support team using the [live chat] link below." 
Well, this is the first I have heard of a "migration of telephone services"… And I have not received an adaptor or any information on what I would do with it. It seems extraordinary to be cut off in this manner with no warning or notification. Naturally, I cannot contact the customer cable team as my phone does not work. I did try the live chat link but the links lead to dead ends with no chat available.
What am I to do?
I would be most grateful for any help - thank you!

Thanks for your feedback rizzles5, I will be sure to feed that back to the concerned teams.

Please let me know if you have any further issues.

Kind Regards,