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No landline for 2 weeks+

Dialled in

No landline for what must be 2 weeks + now. Called VM on 6th Mar to be told my number was being ported to fibre and voip. They would send me out a cable converter to allow phone to be plugged into my Hub3. Converter arrived a few days ago but line still not working. Accompanying papers said i would receive written advice when line is moved to voip. Needless to say a further week has passed and still no letter.

1) Why did VM cut my line off without warning?

2) Why did VM not think about keeping old copper line active until xfer to voip was to be completed?

3) Why did VM not send cable converter out to me with instructions ahead of disconnecting my old line?

4) Will VM provide a refund on my bill for loss of service?

5) Will VM (Liberty Global) ever learn what customer service means. Is it not surprising VM is again at the bottom of the table in Which? customer satisfaction surveys?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @MailUser,

Thank you for your post and welcome back to our community forums. We're here to help.

I'm so sorry to hear that you're having some issues with your landline service following the switch to the landline being provided via your broadband router. If you've been switched over then it means your local area was next in the gradual switchover that we're carrying out.

We would've sent out the adapter along with a letter communicating the date of your local switchover in advance, and I'm very sorry to hear that you didn't receive that.

If the landline isn't working via the adapter into the router, can you try connecting it to the wall socket as before to see if the issues remain?


Zach - Forum Team
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Dialled in

Ive already tried what you've suggested... several times and lastly 30 minutes ago.

No dial tone using either connection (copper or fibre) and when calling landline it just rings and rings on callers phone but not a peep on home phone

Powering off router and rebooting several times does nothing and there's no telephone icon lit up on router - red or green

Hi @MailUser,

Have you been able to try a different landline handset and connecting that to the wall socket instead? That can help to narrow down whether or not this may be equipment related.


Zach - Forum Team
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No, I haven't tried a different handset Zach but if VM would like to send me one I would be happy to try.

Alternatively if I buy a different handset will VM reimburse me the cost?

This issue I feel is solely down to VM who I strongly believe have failed yet again in planning and executing this change .... along with others reporting the same or similar problems on these forums.

Please confirm unequivocally that VM have completed the swap of my copper landline to voip,  and:

1) When transfer took place.

2) When satisfactory  testing of swap was completed.

3) When did satisfactory testing of my router following the swap take place.

4) When I will receive refund for loss of service.

Many thanks


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi MailUser,

I am truly sorry for all the confusion and any misinformation received, however upon checking, your landline service is not set up on VOIP just yet, so your handset would not currently work when plugged into your Hub.

According to our records, I can't see that your area has been upgraded to support VOIP yet. This would explain why you have not yet received a letter or the adapter originally.

I'd advise to wait until you receive further notification of when your landline service is due to be upgraded, and further instructions on what the next steps would be, will be included in the letter.

However as you've mentioned that your landline is not working when plugged into your wall socket either, we will need to arrange an engineer visit for you.

I'm afraid that we do not offer landline handsets, so it isn't something we can send out to you I'm afraid.

I've sent you over a private message so I can take your details and book in an engineer visit for you.



Have provided my details as requested Beth.

If it has any relevance to my issue a diagnostic test of my service shows that there is a problem with TV in my post code. I believe has been outstanding as well some while. In dealing with that problem has my phone been cut off?

Joining in

Good luck.

10 weeks for me now without a phone (home business) since upgrading my router.

Why did I renew with Virgin Media? a moment of madness

A company that ignores service, impossible to contact in a clear concise way and receive a resolution. I have been told to recycle, reboot, 20 plus times, even borrow a neighbours phone.

The service engineer couldnt even resolve it - Manchester office apparantly, well why can't I speak to them.

10 weeks and absolutely exhausted with this dreadful company. Ofcom and solicitor on Monday as my patience has snapped.

Good luck with your issue.

Hi Sparkyfletch and others who may read this post and my latest update on no landline…

Problem resolved. Basically VM lied to me initially and my number was not scheduled to be upgraded (switched to voip) after all. When engineer arrived he didn’t even bother checking/fixing where the issue was other than to check old landline had no dial tone,  He immediately called his base and arranged for the transfer of my number to be over voip through my router This has now been done.

I have been advised that compensation for  loss of service should be automatic so wait with bated breath.  Details of VM compensation can be found here….




Hi @MailUser,

Thank you for the update on this. I'm glad to hear that we've now been able to resolve the landline service issues that you faced.

Please do let us know if there's anything more that we can assist you with.


Zach - Forum Team
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