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No landline adaptor received as yet

Tuning in

We have received several emails saying that we will be receiving an adaptor for our landline and that the deadline is 24th November, after which the landline will not work unless it is attached to the hub. We have not received the adaptor as yet and the deadline is fast approaching. We are in area 21. We have tried getting through on 150 but that seems to have problems at the moment. As we need our landline, can you please tell me when we will receive the adaptor? 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @Michali,

Welcome back to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums.

I have looked into this on our system and can see that no adaptor has been sent, so I have been able to order one and it should be with you in the next 5 working days.

Kind Regards,



Many thanks for your quick reply! We look forward to receiving the adaptor in the next few days. I should point out that we were able to get through on the phone but the agent initially apparently had no idea what we were talking about! Just shows how important and helpful this forum is! 

You're very welcome Michali and please do keep us updated.

Kind Regards,


Hi, we haven’t received our adaptor as yet which is fine as only a couple of days have passed. In the meantime, I am concerned we won’t be able to use it unless further adaptations are made. My impression was that on the 24th November I will pull out the connector from the VM landline phone socket in the wall and move the phone unit next to the hub.  At that point one end of the adaptor will fit into the phone (or the connector on the end of the landline cable will fit into the adaptor) and the other end will fit into the back of the hub. Have I got that all wrong and we have to still use the VM phone socket in the wall on the other side of the room? If that is the case we would need an engineer but it surprises me as I thought the whole idea was to disconnect from the original VM landline socket and instead use the hub! Hope I am making sense! 

Hi @Michali, it would simply be a case of using the adaptor for the back of the hub. This will plug into the back of the hub, and then the handset can than plug into the adaptor to allow you to use the landline service.

The wall socket will no longer work after the switch over has been completed.

Kindest regards,


Thank you so much for the re-assurance! 

You're welcome @Michali, do feel free to come back to us if there's any issues after the adaptor has arrived.

Kindest regards,


Just letting you know my adaptor has arrived and on  the 24th I will be making the connection to my hub. Thank you! 

Thanks for the update Michali!

I'm glad you have received an adaptor.

Let us know again if you have any other queries.

Take care,