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No incoming calls - landline

Joining in

I can make outgoing calls but cannot receive incoming.   I have tried switching the hub off as suggested by the very confusing website. I have also spent the best part of 2 hours on the phone...... initially successful after 15 mins hold only to be cut off after a minute talking.  Tried a further 3 times listening to dreadful music only for the phone to go dead at the 15 minute point.   Very frustrating and totally unacceptable.   As a single vulnerable person, I rely on incoming calls. I have searched high and low on Virgin website for a complaints procedure only to be directed back to calling 150 or alternative number but to be back to square one....waiting then cut off.   I've tried the 'live chat'.....which is a joke as it's a virtual assistant!!!

How do I resolve this?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Lmsingy01,

A warm welcome and thanks for posting on our community forums. We're sorry to hear that you're currently unable to receive incoming calls on your landline.

Can we just confirm that you have been able to reboot your hub since your post. You can do this by turning the on/ff switch at the back of your hub at the bottom left of the equipment.

What message do you get when trying to call your home phone number from a an alternative number.

For more information about help with your home phone, please check the link here

Please try the above first and come back to us if further assistance is required.

Kind regards Jodi.