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No incoming calls after switching to hub - phone not ringing

Joining in

VM told me to connect my landline phone to my hub recently using the VM supplied adaptor. Now my phone doesn't ring for incoming calls.

My phone was working fine before the switch. I have changed the connection as instructed. My phone works fine for outgoing calls. It just does not ring for imcoming calls after moving to the new hub connection. I have tried another phone with same symptoms.

I see other people have similar/same problems, but haven't reported a solution outside private messages. Can this be fixed, please?


Community elder

What type of phone is it?

Does it draw power from the line, or from a mains power supply?

Alessandro Volta

What sort of age are the phones you are using? Older phones (early 2000s and before) may need a different adapter to generate the ringing sound.

Does any caller display show up on your landline when there is an incoming call (even though no ringing sound)?

If you answer an incoming test call (without the ringing sound) does the call connect OK?

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Parsley_Lion,

Thanks for your post and welcome to the community.

Many apologies for the issues with setting up the landline, just to touch on the matter as stated above, can the phone be connected without the need of an adaptor?



My phone is connected to the hub only. One cable. No mains supply. It's just a simple dumb old-fashioned phone.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thanks for the response on this matter,

Also (apologies for not combining this into the other response), with the incoming calls without the ring are the calls actually coming through?



Both phones are old-ish. They have worked fine for many years. Both phones are quite dumb. One phone has a display - under the hand-set. You can't see it untill the hand-set is picked up.

Yes, my wife used her mobile to call the house landline phone connected via the hub. Her mobile worked fine. The landline phone didn't ring, but I picked it up any way, and the connection was made sucessfully. It appears the landline phone just doesn't ring now it's connected to the hub.

You'll need an adapter with a ring capacitor:


My old landline phone cannot be connected directly to the hub. I need to use the short adaptor supplied by VM.

carl_pearce >> "need an adapter with a ring capacitor"...

I'm happy to try it.... Is that something VM can/should supply?