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No home phone again

We have no phone service again!!!!

This has been going on for over two weeks now it is constantly out of order it even went off during  a call.It comes on for a short while and then goes off again.

Service status says no problem and a test also says they cannot see anything wrong.

Last contact with service team they stated it is a problem in the area, if so why does the service status not say so?

If this continues I am going to cancel all my Virgin services and go elsewhere as Virgin after sales service is non existent.

I cannot spend endless hours waiting for Virgin to respond and using all our airtime as we cannot call 150 because the b**** Phone does not work so have to use a mobile.

Emailed Virgin but have not had the courtesy of a response.

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Re: No home phone again

Hello plover22,


I'm sorry to hear about the landline not working as expected and for the dropping calls. I can certainly understand how frustrating it would be. We have different types of outages and not all are shown on the service checker however I can confirm that there was an outage and it was fixed after your last post on here. 


Can I ask whether you're still experiencing dropped calls? Please let us know as I can't see any issues with the telephone data and seems like an engineer may be required to take a look.


Do let us know so we can help.





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