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No dialling tone

On our wavelength


My landline has no dialling tone and hasn't had one for a few hours. I've tried two different handsets without success. No area problem phone area problem's been reported although there is TV area problem (ours is working fine).

I don't know if this problem could be a manifestation of the TV problem. We've been sent our adapter for the switch to hub-based telephone but had no further correspondence so I assume that can't be the problem.

With no landline I can't phone to report - I'm reluctant to use my PAYG mobile money calling an 0345 number.

Can anyone help?



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Lee

Thank you for your post. I'm sorry to hear you currently have no dial tone.

The TV outage showing online will more than likely have no correlation to the landline problem.

Do you currently have your landline plugged into your Hub, or do you still have it plugged into the wall socket? If you are plugged into the wall socket, it may be that your landline service has now migrated and you'll need to plug the landline phone into the Hub via the adapter.


On our wavelength

I plugged the phone into the hub and it works. I am REALLY annoyed about this. I've got the Virgin puff in front of me which has "We'll let you know when to plug in the adaptor" but no-one has been in touch with me. VERY poor.

Hi Lee,

I'm pleased to hear your landline is now working through the Hub but I'm really sorry that you were not told that your service had now been migrated. I completely appreciate your frustration there.

If you do need any further help or need anything else, just let us know.