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No dialing tone

Joining in

Haven't got a dialing tone, no known issues on website and keeps looping on support pages when trying to report and when found phone number it is just automated, says checking for faults, sorry taking so long a few times then ring back and disconnects.

How do I report the fault.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @IBith,

Thanks for your post, and welcome to our Community Forums.

I'm really sorry to hear that you're currently experiencing issues with your landline having no dial tone. I've ran some checks on our end, and the line seems to be recognising as ok. Is your landline plugged directly in to the Master Socket (it will be relatively large, and have a logo) or an extension?

Can you also please check to ensure the following:

- Check the phone is seated in the base unit correctly & powered ON.
- Remove all other equipment connected to telephone sockets, other than the main handset.
- Unplug the phone and check another phone directly into the main socket (please make sure this is a Virgin Media socket and not one with a BT or Sky logo). If no alternative handset is available then ensure the original phone is plugged into the main socket with no other pieces of equipment being plugged in.


Reece - Forum Team

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Thanks for the reply Reece.

I had tried all those suggestions without any luck.

The dialling tone did come back around 9am and is still good.

My frustration was not being able to notify Virgin of this either by phone or via the website.  Any suggestions if it happens in the future?



Morning Ian/@IBith,

Thanks for the update with this, and letting me know you had already tried these. I'm glad to hear the landline is back up and running and normal. If this does happen in the future, you can always pop back on to the Forums and let us know - however, it can take a couple of days for a response.

Alternatively, you can get a faster response by contacting our team via Text on +44753 305 1809 or by WhatsApp on +44730 532 7112 - an agent will pick this up, and will be able to assist you further.


Reece - Forum Team

New around here? To find out more about the Community check out our FAQ