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No Phone line for 3-months

HI, For 3 months, we have had no landline phone. Numerous complaints and endless time spent on the so called 'Chat line' to have a robot tell me to do simple things I 'd tried so many times.

 We had no contact from VM to say what is happening. More complaints asking when....

Eventually we were told with 24hrs notice they would install an internet phone line (what ever that means). this was done in 15 mins. I was also told we would be compensated for this long period of having No telephone line.

Today, a rep called to deal with just one of my complaints. She said we werent initially entitled to even the land line rental cost back, let alone the automated compensation VM advertises. After a call to her supervisor they offered just £47 to cover 3 months line rental and absolutely no compensation.  I'm furious with this offer. What can I do next?

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Re: No Phone line for 3-months

Read the info here

and see how it applies to your situation. There is a huge bunch of T&Cs and small-print at the bottom listing how/when/if the compensation is applied. In particular, note the official methods of reporting the fault first of all to start the clock running on the compensation.

If you then feel more compensation is due, make a complaint to VM first of all. If not resolved by VM after 8 weeks go to CISAS

First of all though, let the official VM forum team on here see if they can advise and assist to begin with. They normally reply within a week and can usually offer more useful assistance than the other online/phone support routes.

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