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No Phone in Appley Bridge

Joining in

12thh May 2022....For the past 3 days in the evenings our landline phone has made strange ring tone noises coupled with no dial tone and crackling on the line. (sounds like engineers at work) No calls in or out are possible but VM status shows 'no problem' with phones in the are. Tried repeatedly to report a fault for VM attention but seems that's not possible unless we agree to pay £25 for an engineer to visit.

Very Poor I must say.

(other service providers are looking much more attractive at the moment)


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi no_comms, 


Thank you for your post and welcome to the forums. 


Sorry to hear about this - it does sound like an issue is present - I will send you over a private message so that I can help with this. 


Also, we can't stop you from moving to a different provider if that's what you choose to do.