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No Landline phone

Joining in

Location UB10 8ET

Friday 16th December 

Landline stopped working, no dial tone

Tried different phone, still no dial tone.  Talked to neighbours, they are also on virgin, they have the same problem with their landline phone.

Looks to be a virgin fault.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi soltisolti,

Thanks for posting and sorry to hear you're having some issues with the line.

Thank you for testing another handset. Can you confirm if you've checked for any area issues online here

If you have any other services with us, are they working okay?


No issues with other services


Phoned support from mobile phone
They checked for issues and found none showing on their system. Still believe there is a fault at the box down the road, we and neighbor have the same problem.

Engineer booked for 30th December

Thanks for the response there soltisolti,

Apologies for the issues faced, do let us know how the appointment goes on the 30th!

All the best,