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No Landline Phone and cant contact Virgin!


After three weeks of having no landline (which is quite problematic when your mobile phone is stolen, such was the case with myself not too long back) I find myself paying for a service with a non-responsive provider who cannot be reached by the following means: 

1. Mobile phone: Sitting around for over an hour waiting in a queue several times is not my idea of 'good' service. 

2. Text message and direct message service online: Virgin's failure to get back to me after two hours is impressive for all the wrong reasons when it is offered as an easier alternative to the clearly defunct phone system. 

3. Having called and attempted to 'test' the line with the Virgin service we simply weren't called back or given any result whatsoever. 

Things we have tried: 

1. Another telephone cord and base. Yet still we can't call out or be called. 

2. Line cord error persists on the screen of both phones. 

If this turns out to be a fault with Virgin and they have blatantly left themselves wholly unavailable for this amount of time with three of us in one house attempting to contact them, I'm sad to say I will be pulling two mobile accounts and a tv/broadband/phone package from the service. 

It's just redundant at this point to be paying for a service that is not available with customer service representatives who are equally elusive. 

Short of a carrier pigeon I really am not sure how best to resolve this matter at this point. This is wholly unacceptable. 

Can anyone offer me any advice as to how best to proceed with this? I'm thoroughly out of options at this point and at the end of my tether trying to get this resolved. 

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