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No Inbound calls since Landline to Fibre line change ?

Joining in
Hi, VM migrated my Landline to a Fibreline phone service on 6th April. In the process, they managed to totally disconnect my old phone number and eventually reconnect me with a different number. I complained because I wanted to keep my old number, so they eventually managed to reclaim my old number and schedule a port to replace the new temporary number with my old number. Currently, I can make calls from my VM Fibre line to my EE mobile and the calling number is correctly displayed as the old/ported number and will connect. However, if I call from my EE mobile back to my old/ported number I get a 'dead' constant tone. Someone suggested I call my old number from the VM phone to see if the number is recognised within the VM network, and I correctly get an engaged tone. My conclusion is they seem to have done half the job (calls out, and calls in or out within VM network, but no calls in from outside VM network). What do I need to ask them to do so that callers outside the VM network can actually make calls to my number !? This one-way connectivity has been in place for 4 days now (I read somewhere it could take 2 days to fully implement, so I'm well past that now). Thanks for any advice !