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No Dialling Tone on Landline

Joining in

Went to use my landline yesterday and found there was no dialling tone. Tried plugging in a different phone and there was still no dialling tone. Tried again today and still no dialling tone. It is possible that this has been a problem since my new hub was provided (although I plug my phone into a socket on the wall) - as I rarely use my landline and so have only noticed yesterday. Can't see how to report this as a fault and so thought I would log as a question - any advice would be appreciated, thanks.  


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello bethwilliams


Thank you for taking the time to post on the forums in regards to your landline issues, we can understand the confusion this can cause. 


We have taken a look at the account and are unable to see any issues with the equipment or landline itself but there is clearly an issue if you have no dial tone. We will arrange a technician to attend and I will send you a Private Message to get some more details to arrange this.



Many thanks Rob, that's great

You're welcome Elizabeth, please let me know how the visit goes 🙂