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New phone plugged into hub and house alarm

Joining in

Hello all. I would love some help with the following.

I've plugged in new telephone adaptor to hub and virgin said that my alarm will still call me when it goes off. I can't understand how but anyway.

Alarm went off today and no phone call. 


Any help would be great. 


Thank you



We have a similar alarm that can dial out / use a touch tone menu.

The Intruder Alarm does needs to be connected to the Hub's TEL 1 socket for this to work.

Either a telephone socket double adaptor is used at the Hub & the Alarm plugged in,

or the phone service from the Hub is extended to reconnect with the original telephone cables and sockets.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Tlugz 👋 Thank you for your post and welcome to the Virgin Media Community 😀

We're sorry to hear about the problem you've been experiencing 😔 Have you tried contacting the provider of your alarm to let them know about the switch and make sure the device is compatible with a fibre service?

Thank you for your advice @Client62.



Yep they said not compatible

Hi @Tlugz, thank you for your response.

Did the provider offer any alternative suggestions?



"Not compatible" very much depend on the exact nature of the question asked.

E.g. Hello can my xyz alarm connect to a fibre internet connection ?  No it does not have WiFi or network ability.

E.g. Hello can my xyz alarm connect to a analogue telephone service from Virgin / BT ?  Yes that would be fine.

There is no reason why the analogue telephone service from the Hub's RJ11 socket is not going to work for the alarm.

They do of course need connecting and I was of the understanding that Virgin Media engineers were available to assist with that.

He said the control panel needs changing. It's a microtech galaxy 18 c051 

Alessandro Volta

@Tlugz wrote:

He said the control panel needs changing. It's a microtech galaxy 18 c051 

Does the alarm contact you with a phone call/spoken message (a voice dialler direct from the alarm panel) or does it send a SMS to paid-for provider and then on to you?

A voice dialler should work (if the alarm is actually connected to the line) but a past topic on here did mention some issues when transmitting data from the alarm across a 21CV connection.

Has VM visited to link your old phone sockets around the home to the back of the VM hub as part of the switchover process? If your alarm is not connected to the 21CV socket on the back of the hub the alarm won't be able to dial out.

If you need that doing, VM should do it free of charge as part of the switchover process.

Yep it dials my phone direct with a voice message I will try and get a cable and plug it from the hub to one of the analogue sockets failing that I will open the control panel and see

Good idea.  On the Hub only the TEL 1 socket will be active.

We used a BT style splitter like the one below to connect a phone & an alarm to the same phone line.