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New Telephone fibe switchover

Tuning in

I received a text stating that I would be sent a device to connect my landline to my router- Telephone downstairs - Router Upstairs  (which seems normal in most cases). I replied,' that as my wife has a medical need and a landline is an Essential part of her package (emergency fall button) , send an engineer down with the device to connect it up and ensure all is working.'

No problem - Engineer appointment made.

As apparently the landline .will now NOT go through the Telephone lines, but through the modem, which means I have to have the modem, on 24/7, and have a mobile phone available for when (not if but when) the internet service goes down, either for maintenance or Breakdown, will I still have to pay for a Landline cable, as it will no longer be of any use!!


Alessandro Volta

The charge for the landline service remains the same whether you receive the service via the VM hub or a telephone wall socket. At present, you will be connected to the same exchange equipment. It is just the method of delivery that has changed.

VM can fit an emergency backup line (EBUL) as part of the switchover. Picture on pages 38 and 39 in the VM phone guide

This monitors the landline and, if the landline is down, switches over to a mobile connection so calls can still be made. Originally this was to just emergency numbers but I believe an upgrade is now in progress so it can dial ordinary numbers too (effectively a mobile connection within a corded handset).

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @terr-virg-hlp-1 👋.

Thanks for reaching out to us. Apologies in the delay in responding. Can we ask, since your post have you reached out to our contact team or are you in need of assistance still?

Here is more information on the new telephone system 👉 21 Century Voice

Please let us know.