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Need a landline installed

Joining in

We moved house last December (2022) and in order to cut costs, we decided NOT to persist with a landline - aside from scam calls, only 2 or 3 used it.

However, where we live, there is rarely any mobile phone signal at all (we are not with VM for our mobile phones), so making/receiving phone calls is a lottery at best...we have t
^^^ that's all background ^^^

Looking at this website, there doesn't seem to be any way I can "go about" arranging for a landline, certainly not via the "Upgrade my package"

...unless I've missed something?

BTW, I'm not interested in having VM mobile


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Arissa_H ... I haven't yet as I'm still looking at alternatives (the extra £20-£30 a VM landline might cost is a cost I can do with avoiding at the moment).

We are so sorry to hear that @Joe_Zapatoo 

Please do keep us updated with how chats with our phone teams go.