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Tuning in

I have had no incoming phone line since Oct 10th and an engineer is booked for November to put it over to our modem upstairs, phone downstairs in hall 

but NO phone line at alll 9ive been given a month free line rental) and now I want to get out my contract and cancel this service as not acceptable. We have Broadband so do we need the line, even though i cant receive calls or dail out and we are pensioners, so think this is unacceptable really and need someone to sort this out please


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @Mollypussy40


Thank you so much for your post and welcome back to the forums. 


I'm so sorry to hear that you have faced this issue with your landline! Just to confirm have you spoken to our telephone team in regards to this, if so have they confirmed that this is due to the fibre switchover? 


Have you received an adaptor for the phone line at all? 


Thank you. 

Yes I have been sent the adaptor, but surely I should have a line on my phone till Nov when the engineer is booked? I have no dial tone at all...can i cancel this phone line? and contract as i have the broadband. I want to get out of my contract as Virgin not giving me a line anyway


Have you been able to try plugging the adaptor into the Hub and then into the phone at all? 


If you would like to cancel your account with us then you would need to speak to our customer service team on 0345 454 1111 and select option 4 and 4 again as we do not handle disconnections or package changes via the forum. 


Thank you. 

Thats a bit difficult, as I said above in my first post. my modem is in the spare bedroom and my phone in the wall in the downstairs hall, as otherwise this would have been the first thing I tried ! There must lots struggling to get this sorted... my phone always been in the hall and my modem always upstairs  but doenst mean we should not have a phone line at all surely , have Virgin just switched me off then im not happy at all and just want to get out of this contract which isnt giving me what i pay for


very helpful!

The phone does not need to be plugged into the wall, it would only need to be plugged into the Hub with the adaptor. 


Are you able to try this at all and let us know how it goes? 


Thank you. 

I thought one end of the adaptor goes in the hub and the other end into the phone? 

So i can just plug one end of the  the adaptor upstairs into the hub, the other end not necessary  and see if the phone still works? 

bearing in mind my hub is no where near my telephone hand set

You would need to move your handset up to the Hub so it can be plugged in at both the Hub and the hand set, but the phone would not need to be plugged into the wall. 


Are you able to move the handset up to the Hub and try plugging it in? 


Thank you again and apologies for any confusion. 

No I don’t want m6 handset in my spare bedroom , that would be riducilous , we want it kept in our hall as always . Anyway it still comes to same problem we have no phone lines and paying for a line , discussing service for older people and so unfair , I just don’t want to be using this co anymore taking my money every month and no phone  no one even calls me to help and I’ve now rang 3 times