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My telephone number used in a scam call

The third time my home telephone landline has been used in 'live' attempted Virgin Media scam calls.

The latest occasion was to a chap in Melton Mowbray who did and immediate 'Ring Back' and came to me quite angry. It took a while to reassure him and explain about 'spoofing' of phone lines.

Why can't VM put something on the keypad choices under Nuisance Calls instead of forcing customers to spend ridiculous amounts of time trying to find a way of reporting this issue which, according to the Forum, is a common issue that you can't do anything about!!

The only suggestion that is being offered is to give up having a landline telephone. Not a very good advert for Customer Service!

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Re: My telephone number used in a scam call

Unfortunately, there have recently been more frequent mentions on the VM forums of real phone numbers being used by the scammers for their fake caller ID during scam calls. Usually though the number which is being misused by the scammers is only in use for a short time so, hopefully, you won't have to field calls from irate scam recipients for too long.

'Official' efforts to try to minimise the scam calls seem to be fairly ineffective and slow to develop into anything useful. At the moment your best bet is to try to do something yourself to mitigate against the problem.

To deal with the unwanted numbers ringing you back, you could temporarily screen your calls with an answering machine and leave a message on the machine explaining that your home number has been misused.

There are also some suggestions in this thread

about how some cordless phones can be set up to identify and prioritise known callers using the in-built features of the phone.

Alternatively look at a call blocking/screening device such as trueCall which has multiple options for screening and processing incoming calls and should be able to filter out the unwanted ones.

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Re: My telephone number used in a scam call

These calls originate from India. There is very little British authorities can do to stop them.

A solution is being worked on in the US that may eventually stop this type of call: 

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