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My landline isn't working - no dialling tone, no incoming calls

Joining in

I have no landline phone service.  I called the so called customer service via my virgin mobile phone a few days ago and was told I would be contacted  within 24 hours.  I have received no contact .  So I dialled 150 on my mobile and got to an automated service that checked my phone line, then told me it would take longer and I could hang up and dial back in 10 minutes.  Which I did, only to have to go through the same thing again so I held the call only to be told via automated message 'thank you for calling and goodbye'.  I do not have a functioning phone line, I have not received any correspondence about switch over of phone lines and my neighbour's Virgin phone line is working. So this could be a fault on my individual line.  How do I get it fixed please?  Or do I cancel the whole  Virgin Broadband, TV and phone thing - not in contract - and go to BT infinity or City fibre?   


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Urusquad


We're sorry to hear of the landline issues and problems getting this looked into and assistance, we appreciate you raising this via the forums and welcome to the community.


We are in the process of changing how customers landline work from the wall socket to via the Hub using an adapter, we have been rolling these changes out for some time and been notifying prior to the change via letter, email and text where possible. 


I'm eager to get this looked into further and will send you a Private Message to get some more details form you. Please check the envelope in the top right when signed into forums 🙂