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My home phone isn't working. Not my TV?

Joining in

Hi. my home phone isn't working and the 'service' tells me it is ok!

But the 'service' tells me my TV isn't working & it has been ok all day!!! 

What it going on???


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @PdBur 👋.

Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to the Community Forums. Apologies you are having issues with your phone, can I ask, are you in receipt of a dialling tone? If so what issues are you facing with your phone not working?



No dialling tone whatsoever.... I can't dial out .... just a blank dialling screen .... no dialling tone whatsoever ..... PB

Thanks for getting back so quickly. Could you please perform this action 👉 Phone fix along with the 60 second pin hole reset and let us know if the service has gone back.


I'd do it but a) it only offers me 3 choices - none of which are relevant (Poor sound quality, Content ringing, Block nuisance calls) & I don't know what the 60 second pin hole reset is???

Hi @PdBur, thank you for your response.

Advice on how to carry out a pin-hole reset, or factory reset as it's otherwise known, can be found here

You'll need to press the reset button for at least 10 seconds.

Please let us know if it makes any difference to what you're experiencing.


Will Do .....

Thank you.


Have done that .... It didn't solve the problem .... The phone is still not working (It has'nt been on since this morning)! 

Hi @PdBur,

Is the phone plugged into the "Tel 1" socket on the back of the Hub?

Also, is it possible to try a different handset to see whether that makes any difference?