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My Landline is Dead - SG18 Area

Tuning in

We had a series of mini-power outrages yesterday afternoon and ever since then I have been unable to get a dial tone on my landline and nobody has been able to ring me. Not even scammers.

Just checked again 10am the next morning and its still dead as a dodo.

Couldn't do anything yesterday as the Virgin Media webpage was also dead, but its at least is back this morning but can't get any response from the service issues page,  It just accepts the fact that my landline isn't working and tells me there is nothing wrong.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi MrDidz,

A warm welcome and thanks for posting on our community forums. Sorry to hear that you're currently without a working landline, we understand the frustration and inconvenience caused.

Can we ask if you've been able to try another handset in your master socket? Also, remove any extension sockets and other devices that are attached to your line, as this will eliminate any equipment issues.

Can you please try the above first and come back to us if you still require assistance?

Kind regards Jodi. 


Same problem here - same area. Same fault as usual when we have a power cut.  I have an old direct phone connected and it is dead so definitely the system that has failed.  Neighbours phone also dead.  Why is the Virgin phone fault system not able to see a widespread outage on the system?  Managed to get through the mobile app and booked an engineer but was unable to tell the system to mend the fault further down the line where it always fails when the power fails round here and save my time and theres by calling here, but only way to get it mended...  Pretty pathetic really.

Hi brianhu,

Thanks for posting on our community forums. We do apologise for any inconvenience caused; due to the loss of dial tone you are currently facing.

We have checked from our end, and you are currently being affected by an area outage which is due to be resolved at 4.30pm this afternoon.

You might find that your Virgin Phone service isn't working at the moment. We are investigating and working to resolve as quickly as possible. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused, we have identified the problem and an engineer is on their way.

Kind regards Jodi. 

Thank you.  Hopefully we will be OK.  Is it possible for VM to teach the test system to detect these faults to save the aggravation every time it happens, and while they are on can someone have a look at the circular route the web site sends me one whenever I have to report this common failure please?

Hi @brianhu, we'll be ensure to keep the website updated and will amend this as soon as possible.

If you have the My Virgin Media application, checking for local area outages will only be a few clicks away, and when one is raised, you'll be able to request updates via SMS.

Kindest regards,


Sorry for being thick, but what exactly is a Master Socket?
I have two phones, one in my lounge and one in my study.
Neither has a dial tone.

But given that I'm not the only person suffering a loss of service it seems unlike that its a local fault with just my phone.

They certainly have power and are charging as usual, all the buttons still work, the light are on, the numbers I choose come up on the display.

There just isn't a dail tone, so they can phone out.


Glad I'm not alone, you are the fourth person who has confirmed that they are in the same boat.

My friend from Sawtry has been unable to ring her mother at the end of our road since yesterday afternoon because she has Virgin Media.  She is really worried because her mother is really elderly and she usually rings her regularly to make sure she is alright, especially in this heat.  But I know from testing that when you try to ring in the phones don't even ring so she is probably sitting there thinking everyone has abandoned her.

Thanks for coming back to us @MrDidz, you would have one master socket and at least one extension installed in your home (given the answer you've submitted).

The master socket usually looks bigger and has the logo of the provider on it.

Can you possibly unplug one handset and see if the other then gains a dial tone for me?

Once you've attempted this, re-connect the handset and disconnect the other one to see if a dial tone emerges.

Kindest regards,


Tuning in

Worrying new fact about my phone problem.

My friend in Sawtry who has been trying to ring since yesterday finally rang me on my mobile and informed me that my phone seems to be permanently engaged.  So, I sincerely hope I am not being charged for some ridiculously long telephone call.

Because if you try that you can stuff your service.