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Moving to digital, option to end contract without penalty - does this apply to O2?

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OK, bear with me here as this may be a little complex...

Have the top package with Virgin, ultimate Volt or whatever it is. Signed up around 14 months ago, and have an O2 unlimited SIM as part of this - there was no option to forego the SIM, I had to have this in order to qualify for the Ultimate package.

Virgin sent me an email saying they are moving my phone line from analogue to digital, and if I'm not happy about this I can cancel my services without penalty. So, I rang 150 to ask for clarification as to whether that would include my O2 service which I was forced to have as part of the Ultimate package. Now, the use of the word "services" implies all of my services, which should also include the O2 SIM, however the people at Virgin had no idea. They put me through to O2 who said I had an 18 month contract so would have to pay off the remainder of the contract, however I don't see how that should be as the contract was sold as part of the Virgin package which can be cancelled without penalty.

So, here's the question - if I've been told I can cancel my Virgin services early without penalty, as the O2 contract was delivered as part of that Virgin contract, will that be included?  No-one seems to know, either at O2 or Virgin, but I'm not surprised as they seem to exist in a parallel universe where common sense and logic is yet to be discovered....




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Forum Team


Welcome back to the community forums 

Really sorry for the confusion caused by your right to cancel. 

I have feed this back and the team has confirmed that your right to cancel is for your full package. This includes both your O2 and Virgin Media services if you wish to cancel them within this period. At this time, you will need to contact O2 to cancel the SIM part of the deal separately from cancelling the Virgin Media services. 


I will advise, the move to the new digit phone system is industry-wide and as such will include the other provides, so you might still have to change to the new digital phone system in the future to continue using a landline phone. 

You can find out more information on the home phone switch over on Ofcom's website here and through our website here if needed. 


Please do let us know if you have any further questions or issues regarding this and we'll be able to support further. 

Here to help 🙂
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