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Moving phone number

We've just moved house and I requested home phone number to move as well, from Vodafone to Virgin.

Is there a way to track how the move is progressing? Also, will the number move with the area code? How does that work?

We moved to a different area.

P.S. There is no dial tone but when I call the Virgin number it works (and it works calling from the phone too)

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Forum Team (Retired)
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Re: Moving phone number

Hi mkmig,


Welcome to our forums and thank you for getting in touch regarding your landline number. I'd be happy to provide as much information as possible.


As long as we're given notice of at least 14 calendar days, we should be able to port your number over from your installation date. If you haven't given us two weeks to complete the process before your installation, the number should be brought over once this period is up. The number must be kept active with the previous provider until we have ported it onto our network. 


If you have moved to a new area with a different area code, it's likely that we would be unable to port the number to your new property as the telephone network wouldn't allow it.


As you're a new customer, it's likely that you've been provided with our 21st Century Voice service (Voice Over IP). This means you would need to connect your landline directly into your broadband hub using the TEL1 socket near the top. If your handset's connection doesn't fit, you should have been provided with an RJ11 adaptor to make it compatible. If you still have no dialtone after ensuring that everything is set up correctly, please let us know and we can run some checks against your services.




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