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Moving landline to new Hub

Tuning in

Hello. I have received email, text and letter about the landline being switched over to go via the hub instead of via the traditional copper lines. It says I need to phone up to see if I need to book a technician (which i don't as my main phone on the desk within 0.5m of the current hub which is incompatible) or just have the new hub and adapter delivered for fitting/setting up myself. The thing is, (Yes I maybe being dumb) which set of options when I dial up do I use. Its not that clear. Also surely there should be a much easier/simpler online option to confirming if I need help and organising delivery of new equipment. I have never been comfortable dealing with and trying to sort things out over the phone. Whither it be understanding what's being said or the speed of it, to the pressure I feel under. Any help on expediting this is gratefully appreciated.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Kenny,

Thanks for your post, welcome to the Community Forums! We're sorry if the steps set out on the home phone switchover communications have not been entirely clear.

Once your area has been upgraded and your landline is ready to switch over - if you don't require an extension fitting, we'll just send out an adapter to you. All you need to do is plug you handset into the adapter, and the adapter into the TEL port of your hub.

If you do require an engineer visit, do let us know and we can get that arranged for you from here, via private message.



Just to be clear. No need to phone up? Both new hub with adapter will be sent out automatically? If both yes then fantastic. Thanks for your help.

Hi Calderdepot,

That's right - if you have a Hub 2AC or anything below, you'll either be sent out an upgraded Hub in the post or you'll be called and we'd discuss it further with you. Anything from a Hub 3 and above is compatible with VOIP.

If you do have any further issues from here or don't receive the equipment for whatever reason, we will be able to help you further from here, no need to call us 🙂

Let us know how you get on from here


Superb. Yes still on the old 2AC hub just now. Will report if any problems. Many thanks once again.

Hi @calderdepot 


Thanks for your response


Please do be sure to report back to us, I hope you have a great day

Forum Team

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